“Chiyo is a wonderful tutor.
She is tutoring my son in Japanese 3.
She has shown to be very conscientious
and really cares about her students.
I highly recommend her.”


Here are some of my past experiences-
I had a student who just graduated from Harvard University. When she was in high school, I had tutored her for four years, just once a week. She finished Genki 1 and 2 (AP Japanese level) with no high school Japanese classes and she was placed in a third year Japanese class in Harvard. She was the only freshman there.
I had another student, who barely passed the first year high school Japanese. I started tutoring him when he started second year, twice a week. He ended his second year with a B+.
I had another student who had studied Japanese for two years with me when he was in middle school. When he started high school, he skipped Japanese I (first year) and started with Japanese II. After a while, he got busy with other activities AND he had strong foundation (according to his father), so he decided to take a break from Japanese tutoring. I was happy for him. A year later I got an email from his father, saying “Good Morning, Chiyo! It has been a long time, hoping you are well and happy! I am not sure if you are still in San Diego or home in Japan, but xxxx is half-way through his AP Japanese year, and will need some help for the AP test. If you are still available for private tutoring, we would love to see you again. And if you are not available, can you recommend someone JUST LIKE YOU?”
I work with adults, too. I used to have a class at SONY (unfortunately, my VAIO people are gone). I taught two classes a week and after a year and a half, five students took the “Japanese Language Proficiency Test” and all of them passed the beginner level.
If you are working for a Japanese company, being able to comprehend and communicate in Japanese is huge plus!!